Estimating per Square Foot Home Building Cost

Estimating the cost of home building facilitates in planning for the features you desire, while staying in your budget. The cost of building varies with a mark-up of contractor, area labor costs, and geographic location. Material shortages can also fluctuate the cost, such as wood for farming trusses. Your final building cost could be determined by the features you selected. But if you look at basic blueprint details, it offers a general estimate of per-square-foot.

You require two items:

- Home blueprints

- Material list of Building

Step 1

By using building blueprints, first of all, calculate the total square footage of living space. Under the main roof, add the square feet for all interior rooms. If you want to use as four season rooms, include the porches and attic in it. There is no need to include the footage for the patios or garage.

Step 2

Determining the construction quality and finishing class for your new home. The construction of high quality uses shake, exterior masonry, architectural grad shingles or tile, foundation of reinforced concrete with a crawl space, decorative openings and irregular walls. The medium quality construction includes a block or concrete foundation, architectural asphalt shingle roofs, and some wall height change. Whereas average construction features concrete slam, square exterior and interior walls, and basic asphalt roof shingles.

Step 3

By using the material list, determine the grade for your bathroom construction materials and finishing. Minimum of 4 plumbing fixtures in every bath, are used in high quality construction. Electricity for 8 or more appliances, and wiring for more than 80 light fixtures are used in high quality construction. Whereas 3 plumbing fixtures and six appliances, fixtures are used for mid grade constructions. The average building quality allows three built in appliances and three basic plumbing fixtures, and less than 10 light fixtures.

Step 4

Next step is to calculate the quality of doors and windows. The construction of high class includes large glass windows, more than four exterior doors and decorative windows. Construction of mid-grade features at least one large window, quality exterior doors and a decorative front door. Average construction has vinyl windows and hardboards.

Step 5

Decide the features of your kitchen, from the list you prepared. Custom cabinets, built in ovens, and finishing using tiles or granite could include in highest class construction. Mid grade construction includes commercial cabinets, freestanding stove and quality laminate counters. Average grade constructions of kitchens have lower quality laminate, contractor grade cabinets, without any appliances.

Review the rankings of average, mid or high construction from the categories in steps 2 through 5, and then multiply the total square footage, by your selected quality, for the majority of the categories. For example, homes under the construction of the highest class in 2012 used $110, multiply it with square footage. Construction of mid grade used an average cost of $95 for per square foot. Houses with average features used $79 per foot square. Simply, multiply the square feet from your building blueprint by the cost to estimate the cost of your building.

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